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How it Works

Using Job Boards will very rarely succeed in bringing you a top salesperson out of your competitor.  A single job posting on Monster.com will cost over $400 while recruiters who cost over $20,000 a placement will never stop calling your managers.

With SalesCompetitor  select any three companies in the world that you want a top salesperson out of and for $99, SalesCompetitor will provide you with their

  1. Name
  2. Contact information
  3. Status to know if they are available
  4. Opinion of your company
  5. And resume if they are interested

Our trained recruiters will directly contact the top salespeople at your competitors to obtain all of their information. Just the information of knowing what your competitors top salespeople think about their own company and about your company is highly valuable.

With our highly economical price point of only $99, allow us an opportunity to bring great sales candidates into your applicant pool to make the best decisions possible.  Our services are 100% guaranteed, which neither job postings or recruiters will do.

We look forward to using our twenty years of experience to presenting you with the best salespeople.