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Q1. What service does SalesCompetitor offer?

Simply select any three companies in the world and SalesCompetitor will provide you with the following critical information on their top salespeople:

a.   Their name
b.   Contact information
c.    Availability
d.   Interest level in your company
e.   Resume if they are interested and available

Q2. Does SalesCompetitor charge a recruiting commission?

No. SalesCompetitor only charges a fee of $99.

Q3. How is SalesCompetitor able to contact my competitors’ top salespeople?

Based on our 21 years of experience in recruiting sales candidates, we have assembled a massive database of top salespeople, which our highly experienced research team is growing everyday.

Q4. How much does SalesCompetitor cost?

$99 per month.

Q5. Compared to job posting, why is SalesCompetitor more effective?

Your competitors’ top salespeople will very rarely apply to a job posting. At $99, SalesCompetitor is priced significantly below Monster.com and other job board companies.

Q6. Compared to recruiters, why is SalesCompetitor more effective?

The average recruiter fee for a top salesperson is over $20,000. Most companies then have the burden of selling the candidate on the role, which is the hardest part in the hiring process. Priced at only $99, SalesCompetior will provide your company with the most critical information you need to hire your top salesperson.

Q7. What is your guarantee?

SalesCompetitor guarantees to provide our clients with the name and contact information of the top salespeople at the three companies they select.