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As one of the largest automobile parts companies in Germany, our expansion plans in Canada was always difficult to achieve due to the lack of qualified sales people. SalesCompetitor allowed to build our sales team fast and at very low cost in this region with highly qualified candidates coming directly out of our competitors. We are grateful for their assistance
Our cost saving in using SalesCompetitor over recruiters was very significant. Even with job boards, which were highly ineffective for us, using SalesCompetitor was even less expensive. The bottom line was we hired exactly the people we hoped to. I would rank SalesCompetitor a 10 out of 10 for effectiveness, timing and price.
Since our client market is comprised of a few large customers, we knew who wanted to hire on our team but we were not comfortable to directly approach these sales candidates at our competitors. Using SalesCompetitor, we were able to connect, learn the status and eventually hire the exact people for this role. We will use them on every sales role in the future. They will be our first option.
Although I did not make a hire with SalesCompetitor, we received exactly what we wanted in learning the status of sales people at our competitors and their interest level in our company. SalesCompetitor provided us with this valuable information in a way that job boards and an expensive recruiter could not. Based on the product offering of SalesCompetitor and their extremely low price, I will definitely use them again.
With guaranteed services and an extremely low price, there is no better way to hire sales people who already understand your industry and who already have connections into key buyers at your clients. I wish we would have started using them years ago.
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